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Easter Bunny!

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Lion King

Easter Bunny!

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Kovu and Kiara
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We decided to take Butterscotch to the park today and stop by subway for some lunch. She was a bit too rambunctious for us to watch and eat at the same time, so she had to go back into her carrier bag while we ate. Afterwards however, she ran around and really enjoyed the running space. On the other hand, she really hates her harness and made several attempts to escape, leading us to come to the conclusion her harness is way too big. So we`re going to get her a smaller harness before we take her out again.

Good thing is, the escapade totally pooped her out, she`s practically been sleeping all day since she got back. Yay!

Lineage II
In L2 news, Ral and I got to go on another Rift party, this time with more people. We had Gerf on his alt NotGerf, Flii on her alt Buddaflii, Krim on her alt AcuraRose, Haru on his alt DG0, QuakerPants, Ral, and myself. It went a LOT better. By the time we got to the second rift (max amount of time: 40mins), flii was heading to bed, so we went on without her and actually got to a Raid Boss! It was a little rough at start when he AoE stunned everyone but myself and Ral, but everything went great afterward. We killed him and got..
→ 273,604 EXP
→ 30,250 SP
→ Lewt: Tempered Mithril Gaiters (fell to Ral)
We coulda probably gotten more lewts, but it was a lv.38 Raid Boss and Gerf ding`d lvl.46 during the rift, so we were 8 levels over him. Ral got DG0 to crush the boots into crystals for CSS (C grade Spirit Shots).

Earlier today I realized I still need my Purify spellbook, which drops from mobs in Enchanted Valley. Gerf offered to help on NotGerf so we ran out and killed stuff for a few buff rounds before I got hungry and we went off on our lunch escapade. Came back and Haru had it for me so we were able to go back to grinding. This is a shot of the beautiful Enchanted Valley from the bridge near where we were camping.

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Since I hit 45 (47 now) I`ve been trying to scrap together the materials for the quest I need to do for my long-awaited cat ears. I had enough thread and half as much suede I needed, when MonicaMM (clannie) and Haru offered to help me out on the suede. I went to the race track to meet Haru and after he traded me the suede, we found someone selling cat ears for the going price and I just said "to heck with it" and bought them. Now I can save the mats I had saved up for my formal gear, which is 6mil to make via quest or 15mil to buy.. definately gonna go with the quest on this one! So far left of the mats for formal gear I need..
→ 2,719 suede
→ 3,960 thread
→ 43 cokes (yeah go ahead! I need coke!)
→ 129 coarse bone powders
→ 150 thons (I`ve never seen one of these o.O)

Anyway, here`s my new kitty ears!

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