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Attention! Gimme!

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Lion King

Attention! Gimme!

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We realized a curious thing today about Butterscotch. In the morning she used to bite on her cage and make a really loud fuss about the whole deal, so we figured maybe she`s bored. We started letting her have free run of her little area all night, which solved it for the most part. Now, however, she`s starting to do it a little more, but only at certain times.

Justin and I didn`t go to sleep until 2am last night (well he did at 3am) so we slept in pretty late this morning. Usually Butterscotch wakes up around 6-7am and plays until 11am-12pm. She did the same today, until finally around 10am she started biting her cage and ultimately making Justin wake up and stay up. She stopped. Then he went downstairs to talk to his brother, leaving me asleep until Butterscotch started chewing her cage again! It finally woke me up (around 11am) and I realized Justin wasn`t around and once again, she stopped chewing her cage and came out and ran around alil bit.

So we came to the conclusion she must get lonely. Usually I wake up around 9 and she doesn`t do anything of the sort. She must have decided we slept too long and it was time to wake up. Such a rascally rabbit!
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