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March 29th, 2007

Demonic Sword Zariche

Lion King
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So today I figured I`d go over the Demonic Sword of Zariche, since it dropped while I was levelling my wolf pet and I got a nice screenshot of what happens when it drops.

Anyway, the Demonic Sword of Zariche (Zariche now) is a sword that has a chance to drop off of any mob in the game, and when it does drop the world turns red and the ground shakes. The person who gets it is automatically kicked from any party that he or she may be in and their name goes red*, so it pretty much becomes a free for all for anyone to take the sword. Some heroes will even pay big bucks for it (50mil+). With every person and every mob you kill with it, it grows stronger, as if being able to solo Raid Bosses with it isn`t strong enough! However every kill also shortens the time it will stay. When teh sword drops people immediately go out to find who got it and to kill them and get it for themselves, but it can be a bit hard since the sword fully restores your HP, MP, and dramatically boosts you CP**. Also if you get killed by the person weilding the sword, you don`t lose any exp.

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The world turns read when the sword drops O.O

What makes the sword truely unique is that there`s only one on the entire server at any given time. I hear in Interlude (the patching coming out April 11) they`re adding another one, so that there may be two at any given time. Fun!

(*In L2, if your name goes red it means anyone can kill you without getting any penalties or flagging.)
(**CP is like phalanx/stoneskin in FFXI but only works for PvP. When a player hits you for 80 dmg, instead of taking 80 HP dmg, you take 80 CP dmg.)

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March 28th, 2007

Get a Pet and Little Wing

Yesterday while Ralith was at work I finally decided I would do the quests for the three different pets I want. The first on the list was Get a Pet, the quest for a pet Wolf. The quest was prety annoying, because it mixes real and L2 information.. (e.x. wolves aren`t omnivores like bears..) but finally I finished the quest and got my Wolf Collar. I named my wolf Skoll, not after the chewing tobacco -.- but after Norse Mythology. (Skoll is the wolf who chases Sol through the sky during the day.) The wolf starts out at level 15 and has really crappy P.ATK and P.DEF, so I tried levelling him up a bit but sheesh, it`s kinda hard at level 40, if not just because as a Bishop I don`t have a whole lot of things to pull hate with. After a few deaths and generally geting the feel for a pet, I went on to do the hatchling quest.

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So on to the hatchling quest, which proceeded to take up the rest of my day lol. Go here, go there, dodge yellow to red agro mobs to get to a fairy, collect frog skins (10), go here, get stuck, figure it out 30mins later, dodge more red to yellow aggro mobs to visit a dragon, get sent back to the frog skin place to recover the dragon`s eggs, take them back to the dragon and she tells me I have too many. Take the extra egg back to the hard to get to fairy, who hatches the egg and hides it in the fairy world, giving me a random flute to call it from.

Now, the hatchling you will get is random one of three, Star, Twilight, or Wind. Twlight eats a ton of food and is a really weak melee. But he grows up fast. Star is a mage, who eats the least food, and casts two magics: Bright Burst (a nuke) and Bright Heal (a self-cure). Wind, the one I got, is a little bit of both (yay). Winds use skills call Wild Stun which for you FFXI ppl is basically a Chaotic Strike, (it stuns) and Wild Defense, which increases the hatchling`s P.DEF and M.DEF.

I named my hatchling Tammin, not after the singer, but it means "Dragon".

Now, hatchlings are fuck-all-ugly when they grow up. Yeah, they grow up, into what`s called a Strider. The whole reason I wanted one is because you can ride the Strider. :3 So I can look all badass riding to a camp while everyone else walks. Or hell! I could even do my job as a WHM while riding the strider! You can`t atack while riding, but you can cast spells. :D

And if you`re really cool, your strider will grow up even more and become a Wyvern. As a wyvern, you can ride it through the air and while you yourself cannot atack or use abilities, you can use the wyvern`s breath attack. The thing is though, you have to be Lord of a Castle to ride a wyvern. To be lord of a castle, you need to 1) lead a clan, not just be a member and 2) successfully take a castle in a siege. I was hoping opeth_garuda took a screenshot, but in the siege we watched this past Saturday on the Castle of Oren, the lord came out on his wyvern to help defend the castle.

I don`t have a shot of how cute the hatchling is (maybe later) but I do have one of Drake Zwov, the dragon I collected eggs for.

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March 25th, 2007

Test of Trust

Lion King
Brief introduction, I used to play FFXI on Garuda server but recently quit for Lineage II (Hindemith server). I like in Honolulu, Hawaii, and have for the past year and I hate it for a number of reasons. I`m originally from Tennessee, and I sorely miss my home`s mountains and weather. (I lived in eastern Tennessee, in the Appalachians.)

Lineage II...
Today I finished up the two quests I needed to finish to become Bishop. The second one, Test of Trust, was very long and annoying, but the third was decently fast, and now I`m just waiting on Justin to finish his quests while I wait in Hunter`s Village. Speaking of Hunter`s Village, it`s a really beautiful place with trees everyone and log huts and ramps. I`m really glad Haru showed the place to me. :D

Anyway, a little about me on L2, I play a human female Bishop named Kelalia, a member of slt clan, exalted alliance. My boyfriend plays a human Hawkeye named Ralith and we duo exp, sometimes trio with my really good friend, haruneru. I personally pronounce my character`s name "Keh-lah-lee-yah", though people have just started calling me Kela XD.

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